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Band Heaters

Used to heat cylindrical surfaces and a wide variety of configuration is available.Material can be constructed to different application. They are excellent to operate in all environments. Main industrial applicaion are plastics, electronics, chemical, marine and offshore.

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Mica / Mi-Plus® Band heaters

Used of mica insulation and metal shealth material construction. Watt density up to 35W/in². Operating temperature up to 250ºC (or 600ºF). Optional of terminal lead and clamp is available. Dimension size is made from application requirement.

The Mi-Plus® band heater is used for the applications that require high watt density(W/in²) and/or high temperatures. Temperature up  to 760ºC (1400ºF). The nozzle band heater is made with watt density up to 150W/in² and barrel band heater up to 80W/in².

Ceramic Band Heater

Used of ceramic insulation and metal shealth material construction. Watt density up to 45 W/in². Operating temperature up to 760ºC(or 1400ºF). Optional of terminal lead and clamp is avaiable. Dimension size is made from applicaion requirement.

Drum Heater

Used for 55 gallon metal drum heating. Shealth material can be either constructed from metal or silicone rubber as according to application. Supply voltage in 115Vac or 230Vac. Heaters are built-in with thermostat and power cord as standard. Other options on request.



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