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Vision, Mission and Core Values

The First Solid Achievements

Singapore was then propelling itself into Innovation to become a globalised, knowledge driven and diversified economy, there was a constant and rapid shift toward higher value manufacturing. Industries emerged, packed up to leave in quick succession. SOLIDHEAT had to grapple with these fast moving dynamics. Kevin Soh and Mark Wong's build-up relationships and networks in the plastic business serving the audio-tech industries quickly became defunct as the industries move towards lower cost countries in the region. They had to Innovate, learn new skills and technology, to claw their way into the newer emerging hard disk drive, and other newly emerging industries.

SOLIDHEAT's first breakthrough came when they secured exclusive distributorship with LUFRAN Inc. LUFRAN, an Ohio based company was market leader in the USA with an impressive product line of industrial heating and cooling equipment, which appeared to be ideally positioned to the metal finishing, and the fast emerging printed circuit board and high purity industries.

With the partnership in place the company committed itself SOLIDLY, with a strong sense of ownership to build the LUFRAN's Brand in Singapore and Malaysia. Their efforts paid off quickly, as the LUFRAN BRAND gained a SOLID market share.

In September 20, 2001 Process Technology Inc, a manufacturer of electric immersion heaters, heat exchangers, in-line heaters and temperature and level controls acquired Lufran Inc. SOLIDHEAT continued its early success distributing Process Technology Products. Exploiting the strength of its new principal, it moved quickly from the metal finishing industries to build new customers in the semi-conductor, electroplating, printed circuit boards, aerospace, medical, and the high purity cleaning industries.

With industries in Singapore and Malaysia growing in diversity, SOLIDHEAT earnestly began in 1999 to seek new and related products to help propel its growth, build new markets locally and overseas.

Product and Service Diversification
(2001- 2008)

The PE-Hendor Partnership ushered in a new period of product and service diversification. The origins of this relationship reflects both the personality and core values of SOLIDHEAT.

The initial contacts were quite coincidental. Hendor was looking for a Singapore distributor SOLIDHEAT found SOLIDHEAT through the internet. Hendor BV is a reputable european manufacturer for resistant chemical pumps and filters. SOLIDHEAT was at that time aware of Hendor as its existing heating products were often installed into systems where Hendor pumps were a component. However it had not thought of being in pumps. At the first meeting with Hendor, it was obvious that good chemistry existed. Both parties found the other to be sincere, capable of loyalty, innovative and most of all willing to learn. The parties resolved to work and learn together...Hendor transferring its knowledge in pumps and SOLIDHEAT its knowledge or the market place and market players.

Hendor technology was new to SOLIDHEAT, but it committed dedicatedly to learn and to become a respected market player. Coping with PE rectifiers, and later with Sensors was an even greater challenge. The engineers in SOLIDHEAT were largely mechanical trained. Kevin recalled the time when he did trouble shooting for customer hanging on the telephone talking to PE engineers in Germany. Once again the determination to be innovative and to learn overcame all these challenges.

Today SOLIDHEAT is a solid and respected name in pumps and rectifiers. In 2007, it established a Calibration Lab for PE Instruments in Singapore serving PE customers all over Asia.

The Genesis of SOLIDHEAT Workshop Services and Production Unit

The Calibration Lab ultimately expanded to include repair and service maintenance for PE Instruments. As business grew, a full-fledged workshop was started to provide customers with faster and more comprehensive services in order to secure long term relationships with customers. The Production Unit is another Customer Value Adding Service. It assembles heating equipment for customers that require customized components, and testing and repair as support services. The Workshop and Production units demonstrate once again SOLIDHEAT's willingness to make SOLID COMMITMENTS in resources to meet customer needs and to establish long term partnerships with them.

From Product Sales to SOLID Engineering SOLUTIONS
(2009 and Beyond)

Starting as a distributor in late 1990s, SOLIDHEAT quickly grew to become a trusted supplier and stockist by 2000. Since then SOLIDHEAT’S experience and ability to provide engineering solutions have impressed customers. Today its customer look upon SOLIDHEAT, not just as a supplier but as an Engineering Specialist in thermal related domains, with the ability to offer Innovative and SOLIDSOLUTIONS, and to Design and install them with COMMITMENT.

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